Zombie Survival Game

Description :

You are a soldier of an elite unit, your task is to clear the bases from crowds of zombies. Protect the world from zombie invasion. Destroy them all!!!One character with different weapons.3 difficulty levels of 10 each.Levels open gradually, the difficulty increases.For passing levels they give money, they can buy first-aid kits and grenades.You can buy grenades and first-aid kits in the game settings. MOUSE-LOOK OUTWASD – MOVEMENTW+SHIFT-RUNSPACE-JUMPLEFT CLICK – SHOOTRIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (HOLD) – AIMMOUSE WHEEL – NEXT/Previous WEAPONR-RELOADG – THROW A GRENADET- INSPECTION WEAPONE-REMOVE/REMOVE WEAPONP(ESC)- PAUSE MENU

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